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About Us

Amy Eaton in India

At Happy as Larry we’re dream weavers, child delighters and imagination merchants. Our goal is simple – to make products that are beautiful, magical and made to last. Some children think that our rugs are made by Elves, who stitch together rainbows, but the truth is just as magical. They are handmade in Nepal and India, whose ancestors have been making rugs since prehistoric times. All of our goods are safe and have been playfully tested on children.


We are partnering with and currently going through stringent checks by  GoodWeave International ensuring our rugs are made by adult artisans, not children, GoodWeave is ending child labour and offering educational opportunities to children in the carpet weaving communities. To find out more about GoodWeave click here. 




With every stitch we make the world a happier and more colourful place to call home.

Lets all buy beautiful products made by hand, ethically produced that are made to last and make lasting changes.

1. Ethical/Fair – we will strive to to always protect the maker, to make sure that our suppliers are treated fairly and with respect.
2. Generous - to give back to the communities who create for us and support the whole family.
3. Design - To lead the way, be innovative in design and push boundaries in the homewares market.
4. Fun -  To have fun in everything we do. Create positive experiences for our suppliers, staff and customers. We will go the extra mile to make someone happy as Larry.
5. Playful- We will strive to make someone gasp or chuckle when they see and purchase our products!  
6. Educate- To help consumers and retailers to make wise purposeful buying choices of products that are made to last and create lasting change in countries less fortunate.

Amy Eaton
Amy is a mumpreneur, a wrangler of three beautiful boys and the head honchette behind Happy as Larry. She is also a skilled designer with a Fine Arts Degree in textiles. Amy is passionate about making homes happy places that tell a story and create memories. 



Fair trade in Nepal    



We are in the motions of becoming fully verified as Fair Trade by the F.T.A Australia. (includes a long process of accountability)

We are committed to abiding by the 10 Fair Trade principles put forth by the WFTO and  support disadvantaged people groups in Nepal, India and Indonesia. We currently donate money to other not for profit organisations like Youth- Link Nepal and Compassion Australia through our many different campaigns and projects.


We are looking for influencers, stockists, businesses and individuals who hold the same values as us.

Get in touch and lets talk! 

  We love to see Larry in your home or shop.

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