Beni Mrirt Rug

Beni Mrirt Moroccan Large Rug

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Although very similar, and inspired from one another, the Beni Mrirt is more dense and more luxurious. It is softer and more luxurious than a Beni Ourain rug.

Beni Ourain rug 100% thick and natural wool with fringed finishes on the edges. Exceptional and unique piece handmade by Berber women on wooden looms.

Their wool is made from very high quality, very soft and silky and very tightly knotted. They differ from all other rugs by their fine and silky wool and by their intense thickness.

This beautiful Beni Mrirt Wool Rug rugs features lines woven through the thick plush wool pile. 

  • Thick pile - approx. 3cm 
  • 100% Moroccan Wool 
  • Large Size 160 x 260cm
  • Super soft underfoot and will last a lifetime 
  • Atlas Wool from sheep in the Atlas mountains known for is purity, softness  and natural colours.
  • Hand Loomed and hand knotted

Why choose wool?

  • Wool rug is naturally fire retardant, dirt and liquid resistant and will last a lifetime. We believe wool is an investment in the long term.
  • Wool is a natural non-toxic sustainable product that will eventually break down unlike many other cheaper versions of rugs. 

At Ohh we believe that you can create a beautiful home with a rug that brings warmth and style that is easy to clean and maintain.

Care instructions

  • Your rug will benefit from regular vacuuming and a shake to remove dust particles. Do NOT USE A ROTATING HEAD VACUUM ON HIGH PILE RUGS. THIS WILL CAUSE DAMAGE. 
  • Spot Clean any spills with soapy water
  • Engage a professional rug cleaner for an overall clean

Made in Morocco


Traditional Moroccan rugs feature tassels just on one side. You can toggle them on and off below, as you prefer! Tassel length is normally in the range of 5-8cm.

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