Coastal Styling, Create those holiday feels at home


There is just something so appealing and chilled out about our Aussie Coastal Styling that's capturing hearts both here and abroad.

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Collective Retreat styled by Crystal Bailey Home

How nice would it be to have those holiday feels in your home, all day everyday?


Coastal Bedroom Styling


There is just something so appealing and chilled out about our Aussie Coastal Styling that's capturing hearts both here and abroad.
Perhaps it’s the stunning natural beauty of our unspoiled coastlines that inspires us or maybe it’s just our laid back approach to life!
Whatever it is, the Aussie Coastal look is in high demand.
So we thought we'd share out tips on how to achieve the look and bring those holiday feels home.

How to achieve the perfect coastal vibe.

Texture is key

Coastal style is laid back, chilled out and relaxed so creating texture with natural elements is key. Think weatherboards, natural stone and natural timber.

Try and limit harsher elements like metal and stainless steel.

Check out this  beautiful home Lisa Messenger styled by Crystal Bailey. 

Coastal styling board

Colour choice - neutrals are the order of the day.

The first step that trips most people up is what colour to paint your interior wall(s).
Will a cool white or a warm white best suit my project?
Depending which shade you choose it's a fine line between a fresh, relaxing vibe and looking like you’re living in a stark science lab.
So grab yourself some test pots, paint some testing squares and see whether a cool or a warm white creates that perfect Coastal feel for you.
Our suggestion would be to try Dulux: Lexicon, Lexicon Half, Lexicon Quarter, Casper White Half or Natural White.
Which ever one you end up choosing a matt or low sheen finish are preferably for that coastal vibe.
Coastal lounge styling



Once that's out of the way it all about adding the layers!



Coastal Styling Ideas

Choose soft layers and natural textures with subtle tones


The key to achieving the 'Coastal vibe' is creating a space that oozes calm and relaxation.
Adding layers of soft neutral rugs, cushions and throws together with carefully chosen natural timber coffee tables/side tables and benches and then topping is all off with some coastal plants like palms or even some pampas - which ever you associate most with holidays.
And 'voila' you've got yourself a coastal vibe at home.

If your vibe is a bit more of a Hamptons Coastal Style


Simply follow the same tips above but when it comes to adding your soft layers bring in some shades of blue and green against your crisp backdrop of whites and neutrals.
Check out this perfect example by Jennifer Newell Design  

Jennifer Newell Design Coastal Styling


Timber BenchZany Laundry basketsWinter TideMoroccan Trellis Grey CushionBraided Round Wool RugMoroccan Trellis Sand Cushion
Linen Green Cushion

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