How Do I Clean My Wool Rug


A quality wool rug is a forever rug so knowing how to clean your wool rug is a must to ensure it looks as good as new for many years to come.

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How Do I Clean My Wool Rug

Everything you need to know about cleaning your wool rug.

A quality wool rug is a forever rug so knowing how to clean your wool rug is a must to ensure it looks as good as new for many years to come.

Wool rugs are naturally stain resistant, so if you act as soon as you have a spill or little accident it's super easy to clean it quickly yourself at home.



Jasper Dune Wool Rug By Oh Happy Home

How to clean your wool rug as soon as you spill something.


The biggest tip we can give you for cleaning your wool rug is to think of the wool rugs, fibers, like your own hair. You won’t go putting harsh chemicals on your own hair, now would you? The same goes for your wool rug.

To clean the spill from your wool rug start by using a damp cloth and a little bit of your own hair shampoo. Begin by gently dabbing the stain. If it doesn't lift with just dabbing begin gently scrubbing, with the same damp cloth, in a circular movement. This should be enough to remove the stain.

Make sure to soak off any excess shampoo from the rug and then use a dry cloth to absorb any excess water/moisture.

Leave your wool rug to dry, preferable with the damp spot off the floor and then once it’s dry you can hoover to help fluff the fibres back up again.


How to clean your wool rug when your stain has dried before you noticed it.


Start by trying the same method recommended above for instant spills, if this doesn’t work you will need to try a stronger cleaning product or stain remover.

DO NOT use any chemicals or stain removers on your wool rug without spot testing it first.

The WoolSafe Organisation website is a great place to check out both professional and consumer products that are approved for use on wool.

Follow the instructions on the stain remover and we recommend beginning with a dabbing motion again and only moving to a circular scrubbing motion if necessary.


How to clean your wool rug after a pet accident.

Jasper Knit Wool Rug

When it comes to cleaning up wool rug accidents from your furry friend, the sooner the better!

Unfortunately pet accidents can leave a strong odour in the fibres so you will need to use a specialist pet stain and odour product to help remove the pungent odours from the fibers of the wool rug.

Biokleen Bac-Out Pet Stain Remover an eco award winning pet stain and odour remover is a is a great go to for pet accidents on wool rugs. It’s a natural plant and mineral based cleaner that’s gentle on wool rugs.


How often should you clean your wool rug?


Wool rugs have an amazing ability to hold soil so a good way to check if your rug is clean or dirty is to pop your hand behind the rug then flick the back of the rug with your fingers and see if dirt falls out into your hand. This will give you an indication of how clean or dirty your wool rug is.

Wool rugs should be vacuumed regularly. We recommend vacuuming your wool rug as often as you sweep or hoover the rest of your home.

Once a year we recommend taking your wool rug outside on a nice sunny day, hanging your wool rug over a beam or washing line and gentle hitting it with a carpet beater or similar until you can't see any more dust coming from the rug.

We recommended you have your wool rug professionally washed every 2-3 years.

When using a professional cleaner ensure they are using products certified for use on wool rugs.



A little extra help protecting your wool rugs from day one.


As we mentioned wool rugs are naturally stain repellent but you can always give them a little extra help with Protect Me Premium Textile Spray.

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