How To Use A Round Rug In Your Home

11/ 6/2022

Believe it or not in many cases a round rug can be the best rug shape choice for a living space.

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How To Use A Round Rug In Your Home

The Best Ways To Use A Round Rug In Your Home 

Believe it or not in many cases a round rug can be the best rug shape choice for a living space. So when should you consider using a round rug over the most common size of rectangle rugs?

Why choose a round rug?

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Round rugs draw the eye around a room in a fluid movement creating that little bit of extra interest aswell as adding warmth and grounding your living space.

They are the perfect choice for small rooms, awkward nooks, children's spaces, corner living and last but not least entryways.

A round rug will also help you create a styled cohesive look in your home. 

Perfect places for round rugs: 

1. Round rugs in small rooms 

If your living room is on the small side, confined by walls or if you live in an apartment a little trick interior designers often use to trick the eye into thinking the space is much larger is a round rug.

Why? because a round rug helps create fluid movement in the room, your eye will follow the curves of the rug creating the illusion of more space.

Adding a large rectangle rug to a small room can be a big design mistake as it can enclose the space and make it feel even smaller than it actually is.

Another little trick to remember for a small space is leaving space around your rug so you can see the floor boards or tiles to peeping through. 

Leave at least 20- 30cm from your walls as again this helps create the illusion the room is larger than it is, otherwise it will just look like wall to wall carpet. 

A round rug will always make a room appear more open and larger than it really is. 


2. Round rugs styled with furniture pieces

Curved, art deco, boucle furniture is very on trend at the moment and a great way to style these stunning furniture pieces is by adding a complimentary round rug. A round rug placed underneath helps accentuate the curves of these beautiful pieces.

Placing the front legs of a beautiful piece of furniture or armchair on the rug helps create a sense of balance and cohesiveness in the room.

Designers often place a round rug in a nook or corner space of a room with a beautiful chair resting on it, as a round rug sitting out in the open creates confusion in a space unless it is a very large round rug.

More on that further down the blog. 


3. What Size Rug For Dining Table

A round rugs under round dining tables just makes sense.

Ensure that the rug is hardwearing for starters and large enough for all the furniture to sit on it. Make sure you can pull the chairs in and out and remain on the rug. A small rug under a round dining table will look odd and be painful when pulling chairs in and out off the rug.

If your budget allows the larger the better with your round rug . A  240cm diameter rug works perfectly with round dining tables.

If you have a 4 seater dining table a 160cm will also work. 


4. Use a round rug in an entryway or below the staircase

First impressions are everything when you walk through the front door into your home. Creating a cohesive look in your entryway is the perfect way to welcome people into your home and a round rug is a great with to achieve this. 

Empty dead space inside your front door can easily be styled using elements like a round wool rug, an armchair, a basket and a mirror. Creating a space where you can sit down, put on your shoes or quickly check your makeup before you run out the door. 

Round Rug Entrance way


5. Use a round rug in a nook or empty corner of your living room 

Dead empty spaces are just screaming for some style to help add further texture and interest to the room. By adding a small round rug, a chair and a side table (like in the image below) creates its own little space for relaxing and snuggling up with a book and a cuppa!


Round rug corner nook styling


6. Use a round rug in a nursery 

New baby on the way? Styling a nursery can be the most exciting fun thing to do when you are expecting. Hands down I would always recommend a round rug in a nursery.

They're are so many ways you can use a round rug in a nursery. Create a quiet nook in the corner of the nursery with your feeding chair and a round rug - sitting the rug under the chairs front legs or entirely on the rug.

Round rugs can be placed beside or in front of cot or bassinet, offset slightly under the cot will help bring a cohesive look to the room. 


Round nursery rug


Minty Magazine a popular go to blog for styling kids rooms have used one of our round rugs in the styling of this child's room.

Which ever rug you choose for your nursery make sure to choose a safe non toxic rug. Many cheaper rugs are made of polyester or synthetic man made fibres that can be harmful.

Choose cotton or wool when styling rugs in a nursery or childs' room. A 100% non toxic cotton washable rug is a great choice for all those little accidental late night spews and explosions! 

Click here for more tips on Choosing the Right Size Rug 


7. Use a round rug in a kids room 

Likewise in kids rooms, a smaller round rug offset to the single bed will ground all the furniture and create a cohesive look.


Round rug kids bedroom

8. Use Round Rugs in the Bedroom 

Rectangle rugs are often used when it comes to styling your adult bedrooms as we suggest here in our Choosing the Right Bedroom Rug  blog but often a round rug in the bedroom is just the perfect fit. 

Make sure to choose a smaller rug that just sits under the front leg of one side of the bed to create interest and a soft landing to put your shoes on in the morning.

Or you can choose a larger rug that sits at the end of your bed. Designers like to offset round rugs in bedrooms off to one side to create visual interest. 

Round rug in bedroom


9. Use round rugs for the playroom

Kids love to play and romp around on the floor so choosing the right rug for a playroom is essential. You want to go for something that is large enough for them to spread out their toys.

A tiny rug will look unbalanced in the room so the larger the better. Also look for something soft and non toxic. Look for naturally made and try to avoid polyester or synthetic rugs.

The Jury is still out on the effects, of these new fibres and nanofibres of textiles that enter our homes, on our health. Choosing natural fibres like wool or cotton that has not been sprayed with any retardants is going to best for you and your family's health.

Our machine washable rugs made of 100% cotton are a great option for kids spaces.

You can read more on Non-Toxic Rugs here 


Round rug playroom

10. Round rugs can be layered

Ever thought of layering rugs to create more texture and visual interest. If you have a large rectangle rug and want to define an area in that space, place a round rug, maybe with a bit more colour or pattern on top of the rectangular rug.  

How to choose the right size round rug

Now you think your space will be perfect for a circular rug

Measure the space with the largest measurement you think will be the ideal diameter. 

A good sized smaller rug that wont look too tiny starts at a 150cm (59inches) or a 160cm (62inches) . These smaller round rugs are great for nooks, entryways, nurseries and bedrooms. 




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Larger round rugs start at around 180 - 240cm. (94inches) and if your budget allows the bigger the better for open plan living rooms and master bedrooms. 

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