Our Oh Happy Home!

03/ 2/2019

A home that will welcome you right in despite the state my boys may have left my living room or bathroom in. You are always welcome!

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Amy Eaton Oh Happy Home

Welcome to our Oh Happy Home


A home that will welcome you right in despite the state my boys may have left my living room or bathroom in. You are always welcome!  I am a mum keen to live contently, not insta worthy but contently, buy well and sustainably.


Australian mum in business


Get Comfortable In Your Own Home 


I am Amy, obsessed with interiors, textiles, rugs and of course my boys. 

I am all for creating a happy home! 

Not a home that is insta - worthy but a home that you and your family feel completely happy and comfortable to live in.

I believe when we surround ourselves with things we love, that bring us joy, that bring us peace, calm and order, we open ourselves up to a life that doesn't feel the need to compare or keep up with the 'Jones' but a life that is put simply content. 

So that is what this blog is about - being content in your own home. Being truely happy with what you have and making that work for you. I love a good up-cycle and gumtree find and of course like anyone love shopping and spending money on items I adore - like artwork and furniture that will truely last the test of time (and three boys of course!) 



Our New Home In Albany Western Australia


2019 marks a new home for us and a new family adventure in a new town. We moved from the big smoke Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Head 5 hrs south to the a country town on the seaside for my husbands work. We have always dreamed of living in the country and now we get our opportunity. It will come with its challenges (especially with running a business) but I am here to make it work for all my boys. Already we feel at home here in the country. 

This house is not owned by us but one that we are soon making our own with our little touches. This year will be a journey I am sure as we all embark on making new friends and learning to be content where we are placed. 

At the end of the day its not things that make us happy but relationships with others and loving ourselves. I do hope through my ramblings you truely can find more peace and joy in your home, to be content with the place you call home. May it be your safe haven, your sanctuary and your place of comfort. 





Beware I am a mother of 3 boys that is trying to run a household and a business so its not always pretty and my home is rarely tidy. Join in my journey as I learn to love my home where it is at - my lounge room will soon not be a playroom strewn with lego. My office will one day become my own  and not shared with homework and school notes. For now this is our home and I am content with things being a bit messy, cleaning doesn't always happen weekly (but thats ok and Im content with that) 

Who cares if I have a visitor and the boys have weed all over the toilet seat (and floor) or under the rim of the seat! (Boy mums you know what Im talking about!) 

I am learning to be content with that - learning to love my home, as it functions. Its a house my boys call home, a place where we can all be ourselves. Each of their rooms are a little sanctuary of their own in our home. I'm content with them to make it their own. (to a point! - Licensed Avenger bed covers not allowed!) 

My boys will feature here from time to time and you will find them modelling in some of our product shots or on our instagram page. @ohh.happyhome 

Here is our new living room complete with boxes to unpack. 

living room in Albany


So pleased you made it here and would love you to comment and let me know what makes a happy home for you?