Washable Rugs - Yes You Can!

Who knew there were WASHABLE RUGS available in Australia? Yep you heard me machine washable rugs!!!! Can you believe it?

The rugs you and I have been needing in my life with three kids and big fluffy hairy dog and many accidental spills from playdates (kids and adults included). The possibilities are endless and I am sure you could add a few to the list. 

Those moments when you and I have thought "How nice it would be to have a rug in that space" and then thought a second later "what was I thinking it would be dirty within seconds in this household!" are no more.            




Oh Happy Home have a new range of rugs that can be put in your own washing machine. Inspired by the Berber style in Morocco this cream background rug comes with Pink or Black geometric lines. 

Cotton Berber rugs are made with the best quality yarns and 100% cotton. The sizes range from 120 x 180cm in Pink or Black or if you need a larger size for your home we now have a 150cm x 210cm or 200 x 300cm in Black and Pink. 


Going Dotty Rugs in our washable range now available too! 

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